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Apace Helicopter Expert Needed

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Hi everyone I hope you are well,


I am looking for some advice regarding a project I am working on. My project is to look at several iconic machines for transport and then provide some details about what quirks or faults they may have.


I have picked the Apache Helicopter. So naturally I am looking for an Apache Helicopter expert and I thought this would be the place to find someone who can help me with my project.


The information I would like is;


A few common faults of the Apache.

How these faults can be fixed

The approximate cost of fixing these faults

The average cost of an Apache Helicopter

Any other interesting, lesser known quirks of the Apache


While I am sure there are things I can google in order to get some of these answers I would much prefer to be in contact with an expert.


There may be a few questions that arise while I put this data together. I would of course like to attribute full credit to yourself if I were to use the information for my project.


If you have an questions please not hesitate to ask,




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