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MEPS Medical Question

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Just seeing if anybody has any info on this....


On my med screening I disclosed that I took some certain meds while in the Marine Corps. I know I'm going to have to either get documentation showing that I'm OK now or the documents from when I took the meds. My recruiter wants me to get me medical records from when I was prescribed the meds before I go for my MEPS physical. However, the only that I know to get those records is through the VA which when I ordered them said it could take 4-6 weeks and not to call asked until 90 days. I was wondering if I really needed the records before I got to the MEPS physical or is there a way I could do it and just see if they want them or not? My recruiter doesn't seem to want to budge but I don't really want to have to wait that long not being able to do anything.


Or does anybody know of a faster way to get medical records from the military?

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