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Off-season tour pilots


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Summer tour season is coming to a close and I was wondering what everyone does during the fall and winter if they don't stay with their company for off-season work. The thought of going back to CFI work isn't very appealing nor do I expect a lot of schools to be looking to hire someone who is clearly only going to be there until April.


I am ready to pay for 22 time to keep from getting rusty if it comes down to it. Is not flying for several months a huge factor when it comes to getting hired again in the spring?


Any stories of pilots finding a first turbine job after such down time?


​Any stories of pilots hitting a roadblock because of this?





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I am definitely looking to go back to tours since I don't meet minimums for EMS and probably not the GOM. The GOM doesn't really interest me either if it were a toss up between flying tours in a better location. Not that I can be picky. I'm just at 1000 pic now and hoping to get into turbines next year.

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