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Weight VS Descent Rate-Autorotation


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I have a question that I hope some enlightened person can answer. During an autorotation will your descent rate increase with more weight or decrease?


If you performed an auto at minimum weight, and then picked up enough pax/cargo to put you at maximum weight would you have an increase in descent rate or a decrease, or is weight not a factor?


In the Robbie POH it says that at low weight full down collective may not keep RRPM's in the green(low), so conversely it seems that high weight would require more collective.


I know gravity pulls any object down at the same rate regardless of weight, but it seems if you have more pitch in the blades you would descend slower.


An auto requires upward airflow/descent, so does that mean you have to counteract the increase in downward force(weight) with more collective? Does that mean you have the same descent rate regardless of weight?

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