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Ray Prouty has passed

Gomer Pylot

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I used to read his columns in Aviation Leak and Space Technology all the time. I looked forward to the next column. My favorite was solidity ratio. It is a big loss to rotary aviation. I am sad to hear of his passing. Good catch on seeing that news Gomer. I'm not sure I would have seen anything about it for quite some time if I didn't see your thread first.

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I saw that Ray Prouty has passed. My condolences to his family. He seemed to know a little about helicopter aerodynamics. Certainly more than I ever will, and likely more than anyone else on this forum will.

I've known Ray for many years. I did a short bio on him for the magazine a few years ago. Ray was never a helicopter pilot, but fascinated by what made them fly. He did take some FW lessons at a young age and soloed a cub....until he made the mistake of flying over his house and his mom saw him.....he was a good guy and sure loved his work. Part of the story we did is here...I got the call last week that he had a massive stroke and then a few days later that he had passed on. First book I was ever told to read when I wanted to be a pilot was one of his.......



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Big loss for the industry. Huge loss for the PHPA family in the LA basin. It was definitely a privilege to share conversations with him at the meetings...I consider myself a better person because of him.

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