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R44 Time Buliding, $375/hr wet

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Offer not available at this time.




I am offering instruction for the purpose of R44 time-building in the Lincoln/Omaha, Nebraska area.


My goal is to offer R44 time at a highly competitive rate by removing some of the expensive risk factors (like autorotation training) and by selling time in blocks.

  • $375/hr for a 20 hour block
  • Price includes fuel and flight instructor (CFII).
  • Fly up to 8 hours per day.
  • Departure will be from KLNK (Lincoln, NE).
  • No autorotation training in this helicopter
  • Happy to accommodate your cross-country, night, and simulated instrument time-building (we don't have a VOR/ILS radio or approach capable GPS, though)
  • Class B experience is only an hour away

PM me with inquiries.

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Can you expand on the no autorotation training?




The offer is limited to no autorotation training at all. Here's why:


When someone charges $500+/hr for R44 time, they're making a nice little profit on the helicopter. They can set some of that aside to pay for the occasional overspeed, tailstrike, split skids, and other common training incidents that result from the higher-risk maneuvers, like autos.


The problem is that occasionally people need cheap hours more than they need to do those (relatively) high-risk maneuvers. These people typically have to pay the full price of the helicopter, even if they're exposing the helicopter to much less risk than the other renters.


What I'm trying to do is offer an alternative for those people who just need cheap time. If they are willing to stick to low-risk flights and buy in large blocks it will simply cost less over time to operate the helicopter, and I can pass that savings on to the client.


This setup certainly won't appeal to everyone, but I hope it can benefit those people that really need more R44 time in their logbook and don't have a lot of money to do it with. For $7,500 and three days of their time, they can leave with 20 hours logged, with as much of it night, cross-country, or simulated instrument as they'd like.


I hope that answers your questions!

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