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Waiver for hearing loss?

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Is there any way to get a waiver for hearing loss in the Army? I have noise induced hearing loss from years of shooting. I just saw an audiologist a few days ago and got a full series of tests. Everything is perfect except for a loss in my right ear around 4k hz and a lesser loss in my left ear at 6k hz. My conversational hearing test was 100% and all other tests came back completely normal. Since this is noise induced hearing loss, it will never get any worse as long as I protect it. It doesn't affect my daily life whatsoever and if I had never taken a hearing test I wouldn't be able to tell that I had any hearing loss at all. I failed the hearing test at MEPS in 2007 and they gave me a waiver but it came back with a 2 which wouldn't allow me to be a helicopter pilot. Now I am 30 and I have a 4yr college degree. I am also a fixed wing pilot with almost 200hrs. I have never had any difficulty hearing ATC, cockpit warning tones, etc... I just sent the results of the hearing test to my recruiter but I know that I will need another waiver and I just wanted to know what the odds were. Can I get letters of recommendations for a waiver? Is there any way to prove that literally the only impact of this hearing loss is that I can't hear tiny beeps at 4k hz in a set of headphones? Does my current flight experience count for anything? I really appreciate any advice you guys could give me.

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