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Air Methods Interview

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Basic airspace weather mins.


Question: If the patient is dying, your med crew is yelling at you to get to a hospital but you think weather might be bad, do you continue?"

Answer: No.


Question: If the weather looks good but your crew is uncomfortable with (whatever) do you go?

Answer: No.


Question: Have you ever exceeded a limit, or damaged an aircraft? (reported or not)

Question: Have you ever been asked to compromise your integrity?

Question: Is a hot dog a sandwich? (Ok, you caught me, they didn't ask this)


When I interviewed they said since it was a union job they had a standard interview that they had to do with every applicant, so the interview was catered to the lowest common denominator.


All they expect you to do is be a safe, honest, competent pilot. They'll teach you the EMS stuff, the part 135 stuff etc... Honestly if you're being interviewed for a base it's probably your job to lose, so don't sweat it.


Good luck, Yossarian. (That's a catch-22 reference, in case you missed it)

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Wow, thank you so much for your insight. And of course I got the Yossarian reference! Is there a flight portion of the interview process or is it all verbal?


There could be a flight portion but they didn't fly me. I was working at a company flying 130's and had a couple thousand hours between 130's and 350's so I guess they assumed I'd be ok. Another EMS company flew me after the interview and the flight was a normal and steep approach, no radio calls/navigation/anything.


And I pointed out the C-22 reference in case any dunces roll through here :ph34r: Can't count on everyone on the forum being such wise and well read individuals such as you and I. ;)

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My Air Methods job interview consisted of me in a room sitting at the head of a long table with 20 other people.  They all took turns around the table asking me questions.  Each time I tried to lighten the mood and heaviness in the room, they kept it very serious.  Probably the worst interview experience I've ever had.  But I'm sure each location does things a little differently.

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