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Helicopter Associations

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I am a student pilot and wanted to get recommendations on which helicopter associations are worthwhile being members of these days. I have found Rotorcraft a very useful resource both for news as well as general information but was wondering if there are others out there that I should join.

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I suppose you can become a member of the HAI, Helicopter Association International, although I'm not sure what benefits you can get.

Straight form the website, Seems like this is more oriented towards business owners and less useful for pilots, Personally I don't think joining the HAI is worth it

Member Benefits

Join HAI and take advantage of all we have to offer.

  • Promotion and protection of your interests through HAI advocacy. We work with legislators and government agencies in the U.S. and around the world.
  • A listing on www.rotor.org with a link from our site to yours. Company information is searchable by name, location, operations, services, and products.
  • A listing on HAI Mobile - our FREE app - the go-to resource for the international helicopter community.
  • Discounts on exhibiting at HAI HELI-EXPO®, the world’s largest trade show dedicated to the helicopter industry
  • Discounts on attending HAI HELI-EXPO
  • Opportunities to network with industry professionals
  • Discounts on attending HAI education courses
  • Access to programs developed by 14 active committees
  • Unlimited subscriptions to Market Letter, HAI’s monthly report on helicopter transactions
  • Discounts on advertising in HAI publications
  • Unlimited subscriptions to ROTOR®, HAI’s quarterly magazine
  • Unlimited subscriptions to ROTOR DAILY®, HAI’s daily e-newsletter
  • Admission to the Members-only section of the HAI Web site. Members are eligible to:
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