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I am currently going making my way through creating my packet for WOFT. I think I have a pretty good chance, but would love some help on the Why I Want to Be an Army Aviator essay. If anyone who has gone through and been accepted could give me some pointers or recommended revisions on my essay that would be great.


Here's the link to the google doc:




Thank You

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I would add how you aspire to be a leader and the importance of being a leader is. Also, mention in there about the importance of decision making, multi tasking and being decisive is as a pilot. Which it is. I haven't gone through the WOFT program but these are things that I put in my essay that I am going to submit. Key things that I have read on other sites were:


Don't say, I've always wanted to be a pilot ever since I was a little kid. Or anything along those lines. Everyone says that and it doesn't separate you from the others. Make yourself stand out and sound like a bad ass with out coming off as arrogant or cocky (which is hard for a lot of pilots haha).


Remember, this is how they get to know you before they actually talk to you and get the first impression.


Just my .02. Good luck!!

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By the time your application is presented to the board, your base qualifications have already been screened and determined.At that point, just like a personal interview, the job is yours to lose.


Your photo is your hand shake to the board. Your resume essay, and LORs are the only metrics we have to get to know you, determine your potential as a successful warrant officer and aviator and ultimately, rank you among your peer applicants. All in approximately 2 minutes, descriptive, concise, and impactful wins the game.



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