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Too old for a switch to RW?


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There's a long story behind this, but I'll keep this short and get to the point.


I'm 31 verging on 32 and have been considering a career-switch -- aspiring to be an EMS pilot. I work in tech currently, and have a hundred or so hours in fixed-wing, a class 1 flight physical, and some graduate degrees that probably won't be of too much use in this new career avenue.


My research tells me that the EMS jobs are probably among the most competitive. I'd probably give it to a qualified military guy any day over a civilian than began is rotary career at 31.


Am I too old for this switch?

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You are not 'too old'. Start now, and with luck, in 5 years you will be competitive.


Odds are that 'the job' is not what you think it is. The average HEMS driver flies 150 hours or so in a year out if the nominal 2190 on the job. It's a lot of planning, updating the plan, and make work or just sitting around. A lot of sitting around...

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