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WOFT from Recruiting Duty w/ moral waiver


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Good evening all, I am new here and trying to figure out how this forum works. If I am asking an old question please point me in the right direction. I was in the process of starting my WOFT packet and during that time I came down on recruiting orders. Fast forward to the ARC and I receive a disqualified status On the RBI based on a type 2 disqualifier (DUI). I appeal the disqualifier and get the appeal approved. I start recruiting in October and I still want to drop my WOFT packet. My question is this, can I apply for WOFT while on recruiting and should I be concerned with needing a moral waiver if I received a successful appeal to the RBI and have been blessed off by HRC already ?

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Hey, I am currently on Recruiting Duty and was selected for WOFT. I also had a moral waiver required for the WOCS packet, not recruiting duty though. You can drop a packet but trust me when I say it's going to be an uphill battle to get USEARC leadership to sign off on LOR's. I was fortunate of have great LOR's from my past command but life has not been the greatest since selection as they feel I am leaving them high and dry. The longer you wait the further you are pushing it off though so I would say start working on the packet asap.

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