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Helicopter Down Wash Procedure


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Down wash Procedure??

Get hose, wet aircraft, use soapy water, wash down. Simples.

As far as a procedure to minimise downwash on approach or departure- it depends on your weight, how much clear area there is before and after your termination point, are there light fixed wing on the ground in the vicinity that you could tip over? Ten points and a Hershey bar if you can do it without anybody seeing.

A slow approach with high power will give the most downwash.

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You may be confusing terms. Rotor "downwash" on landing is just strong wind that will vary depending on the size and weight of the helicopter. You just need to be aware of who you may be blasting if they get too close to your landing spot. Obviously, you don't want to land on top of someone, and most people understand not to get too close to a landing helicopter.

"Power settling" is a real danger, however. This is when you descend too vertical and too fast through your rotor downwash. The turbulence can disrupt airflow over the blades and affect your lift. That is why a little forward airspeed is necessary when approaching your landing spot. 

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