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Getting started switching careers

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I have searched around for this information and have found related posts but wanted to check in again as a lot of them were over 10 years old. 

I am looking at a potential career change. Currently I work in finance and am fairly successful at it. Been doing this for about 10 years and have turned age 30.

Being a pilot has always been a childhood dream of mine. Helicopters have fascinated me specifically due to just the mechanics and physics. Anyway, for someone looking to join this potential area, obviously coming from zero experience is a concern.

Here are a few questions that I would like to ask. 

1. I know I weigh too much. Currently at about 280lbs I have always been large. I have wrestled heavy weight since being a sophomore in HS. This means I have the ability to cut weight but realistically, the smallest I have been in my adulthood was 218lbs. I don't think I can get down to 175 without being a skeleton. I am also about 6'1'' so my frame doesn't allow much change.

2. Cost for school. I can pay my way with my current earnings(I do about 300k/yr right now) but I wouldn't want to leave my current position until I completed enough to get a job. Is that even realistic? Would the time part time school even be possible to get enough flight hours? I know for sure my earning potential will not be close for quite awhile. 

3. Are degree programs worth it? I am sure my finance degree is useless in the aviation field, so seeking a specific undergrad would be a direction I would be open to go.

4. Should I just go the hobby route?

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