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I have been presented with a potential opportunity to pick up and ferry a Canadian registered aircraft being purchased out of Canada to the ol US of eh.

I am a dual citizen and licensed commercial pilot in both countries. Have current FAA class 1 medical. Haven't been back to Canada in a few years to renew Canadian medical. I have the FCC radio operators certificate.

Besides all the appropriate documents for a canadian registered aircraft, logbook inspection, thorough preflight, etc, what do I need to have/do to cover my ass here?

I am somewhat familiar with the Airport of entry/customs requirements, I have registered for the EAPIS system, and believe I understand the reporting requirements associated with that.

Any input is appreciated, its an exciting opportunity, but if I'm going to do this I need to thoroughly insure my ass is covered.

Thanks you,



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Forgot to mention that I have the required experience in the aircraft model to get the pesky canadian type rating required for each model flown as well.

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Much of what is below is likely not your worry, but…Things to know:

Make sure you are buying the aircraft from the registered owner in Canada. Get the bill of sale signed in ink by them and place the note "Foreign seller" below that block. YOU NEED A CERTIFIED COPY WITH YOU AS THE FERRY PILOT.

Send the application for registration along with the Bill of sale plus the required fee. To the FAA at the address given at FAA.GOV with the words “IMPORT PRIORITY " in Red ink on the lower left corner of the envelop
If you have a N number reserved add a letter authorizing the use of it in the envelop too. YOU NEED THIS DONE BEFORE YOU CROSS INTO THE US
It is best to have a Canadian Ferry Pilot deliver the aircraft to a US maintenance shop near the border. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FERRY PERMIT FOR BOTH US AND CANADA.

Your mechanic must complete an annual and place the new US N number on the aircraft. and insure all ADs are complied with and any modifications must be on a STC or have field approvals by the local FSDO. Do your best not to ferry too far into the US with a C-reg.

Your Canadian seller is required to notify Transport Canada to de-register the aircraft in Canada the FAA will not process the application for registration until they get that notification from Transport Canada. The seller must send Transport Canada their registration, a signed bill of sale (make two) have them sign both. one goes to Canada the other goes to the 


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