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Wire strikes + A-star rotors


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I've got a question...(oh no,not him again....)

I would like to know if those wire cutters actually work or if they are only there to make you feel better ?

Also I've read about the A-star beeing dangerous,killing good pilots.(a high time pilot refered to it as The Falling Star..)

It had something to do with the rotor system...please enlighten me,the A-star is really common back home as well as here in the US so it would be nice to know.

Thanks in advance,

Gentle winds !

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Wire cutters are a last chance for survival. To maximize their efficiency you've got to use them correctly:

#1 on the check list is- Don't be where the wires are!

#2, hit the wires square(perpendicular) and level.

#3, they're effective on smaller wires, see item #1.

#4, many parts of the helo are still exposed. Wire cutters protect the cabin, mast, and skids- to a lesser extent- from a head on encounter, if you're going fast enough for them to work.  To slow for a clean cut, and the tangle is moved to a potentially less dangerous position.

#5, Dont be where the wires are!


I'm sure wire cutters have saved lots of lives, so if wire exposure is an issue, I'd pay for the protection they give. You're just as exposed to the hazard- and wires will still kill you, dead- but you've improved your chances somewhat.

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Oh yeah- and the AStar has killed many pilots, as have any helicopters, aircraft, vehicle, kitchens, bathrooms, fire... The "Falling Star" nick name is from the early days of the Lycoming 101. I fly an AStar on the job, and it's my favorite, in a lot of ways. It does have some pretty mickey-mouse issues: The throttle's not on the collective where it belongs; Managing the hydraulics is a constant issue (I'm befuddled by that- the sysems different, but not difficult); THe hydraulics are weak and "servo transparency" is a consideration; And the hydraulics are driven by a belt.

ON the other hand, it's a very maneuverable and durable helicopter. If you manage the aircraft reasonably well, it'll take considerable damage and still be a survivable ride to the landing.

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Thanks Wally !

Beeing the Rookie ,I'm just trying to keep my ears and eyes open...

That was just what I heard,that the blades/disc was overpowering the servos.

On the other hand, it's one of the most popular helis out there and by just looking at the numbers it shure looks impressive !!!(esp.the B3 )

Thanks again ! ::thanks::

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