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Medical History and Flight physical for my WOFT Packet

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So to start I'm already enlisted with a good shot at the board once I finally get my flight physical done (have been trying to schedule one for 3 months now because I'm guard going active) but I remembered last year that I went to a mental health provider with concerns about having adhd or something else as life wasn't going good and my roommate suggested it might be adhd. Did a video call, no diagnosis, but they prescribed me atomoxitine, which didn't help really at all, got a refill with higher dose, didnt help. and I quit the service and resolved the issue myself. 

Since I have resolved the issue myself and have gone through meps already does the army look through my medical history like they do at MEPS? I'd rather not talk about it because I don't have the slightest clue what would happen except for them denying me for something that was A) self resolved b) nothing was diagnosed C) Have been off the medication longer than a year. 

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