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What helicopter should I buy for high altitude?

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Hello everyone!  I have been flying fixed wing since 91, I am the IA, A&P director of maintenance for a small flight school in Colorado Springs, CO.  I am a CFI and have been wanting to get helicopter add on for years now. We are at 6800 ft elevation and we have 9 to 10,000 density altitude days sometimes in the summer, mostly around 8000ft.   I want to buy the helicopter that I will be training in.  Looking for the best one that can operate at our altitudes.  I have $150,000 to spend and am looking at Enstrom F28A, Hughes 269/300C, Robinson R22.  If anyone has some advice on the best heli to use here for training, 2 people (350lbs total)  not at max gross weight of course, I would love to know your opinions.  We have a flight school in Boulder that operates at similar density altitudes, they operate a 22 Beta 2 and a Schweizer 300C.  Thank you!

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