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Street to Seat or DD368

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Hello everybody,

I've been a lurker for awhile, but am reaching the end of my active duty time and am looking for some advice. I am an AD Navy Submarine officer and am considering putting in a package for WOFT. Talking to my Navy detailer, due to poor retention they will not sign any transfer requests (DD368 or otherwise). Talking to the local recruiter, if I can't get a DD368 signed my option is to apply street to seat. I think there may be a third alternative where I transfer into the Guard/Reserves on the Navy side and then get them to sign a DD368 for WOFT. Does anyone have experience with this or is this too convoluted of a plan? From my research it seems like inter-service transfer is usually a better option but I'm not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. Thanks for the help!

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I would apply for the WOFT option with the recruiter.....or.... It just depends how badly you want to come over to the Army side and fly. WOFT has had less seats compared to standard boards and applications. I can't say this with complete certainty but your odds of being selected are better if you apply outside of the WOFT program. Something to keep in mind or do more research on. I guess my point is, if you really want to fly, I'd consider getting out of the Navy or at least applying outside of WOFT with Guard/Reserve units making them aware of your exit dates. From what I've seen they will work with you to try and get things lined up so there is as much continuity as possible. If you apply for WOFT and don't get a seat you will potentially end up signing with the Navy for another contract and then your time in service could hurt you, or you may even have to get it waived and they aren't looking favorably on those waivers at the moment. I know this is a little rambling but hope it makes sense.

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