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UH-60 mechanic crewchief

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A Position in Aviation Maintenance




Over 6 years experience in aircraft maintenance

Over 5 years experience in Aviation Ground Support Equipment

Over 3 years on Flight Status +850 hours








Aircraft Management


Maintained aircraft logbooks for current status and appropriate paper work.  Helped in coordinating with scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.  Ordered parts promptly for faults against the aircraft.  Helped coordinate for higher levels maintenance.  Maintained UH-60 for flight at all times.  Performed on the spot inspections on other aircraft.  Monitored times on aircraft in flight to maintain a good flow of scheduled maintenance.



Aircraft Maintenance


Worked on UH-60 model aircraft for over 6 years.  Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in accordance with proper technical manuals.  Diagnosed maintenance problems and performed necessary adjustments.  Performed troubleshooting procedures IAW technical manuals for electrical wiring.  Removed and installed subsystem assemblies i.e. engines, transmissions, gear boxes, and avionics.  Worked on multiple phases with dyncorp civilian contract to U.S. Army.  Fluent with special tools used in aviation to include maintenance cranes and hoist.  Prepared aircraft for deployments on C-5.  Performed all air crew member duties as necessary with no aviation mishaps.  


Aviation Ground Support Equipment


Maintained AGSE in 507th Med. Co. and 78th Aviation for a total time of 5 years.  Worked on all types of AGSE equipment that pertains to the UH-60 and UH-1 i.e. jacks, maintenance stands, tugs, tow bars, and agpu. My experience consists of changing out component pieces to the inspection of equipment to ensure proper working order.  Scheduling and turning in equipment to higher command for inspections or maintenance that couldn’t be done at my level.  Trained in maintaining all paperwork that pertains to AGSE equipment and current technical manuals.








Education and Training


High School graduate 1996 Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) UH-60 helicopter repairer August-November 1996

Driver and maintainer 1 ¼ ton, 2 ½ ton, and 5 ton trucks






Work History


2000 June-Present Mechanic 78th Aviation Camp Zama, Japan U.S. Army

2001 April- May 2001 Mechanic Philippines Support BK 01 U.S. Army

2000 September-October 2000 Flight Crewchief +850 hours U.S. Army

2000 June-Present Worked on multiple phases with Dyncorp U.S. Army

1997 July- May 2000 Maintenance Test Flight Crewchief U.S. Army

1999 February-October 1999 Mechanic Prince Sultan Air Base Saudi Arabia U.S. Army

July 1997-April 2000 AGSE Mechanic 507th Medevac U.S. Army

27 December 1997- May 2000 Mechanic 507th Medevac Ft. Hood, TX. U.S. Army

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