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Seminar for Minneapolis area pilots


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Hi all - I know this is perilously close to advertising, but it is an educational opportunity, so in this case I figure it's better to ask forgiveness than permission...


Hummingbird Aviation (formerly Hummingbird Helicopters) is pleased to be hosting a half-day training seminar for helicopter pilots beginning at 8:30 AM on Saturday, December 10, 2005.


The first session is a basic class on turbine engine origination and design based around the Allison 250 C20B engine which is highly popular in light helicopters and turboprop airplanes.  The class will include function and operation of each of the four turbine sections. It will also include preflight areas and problems, startup procedures, limitations, and performance. The class should be about 2 hours long depending on the number of class questions.


This session will be presented by Al Ludwig. Mr. Ludwig has been flying helicopters since 1969, and has over 10,000 hours. He is currently an EMS Pilot, FAA Check Airman and Chief Pilot with North Memorial Medical Center, North Air Care.  Al is also a Designated Pilot Examiner for helicopters in the Minneapolis District.  His designations allow him to do all helicopter checkrides from Private through ATP, including CFI initial, renewal and reinstatements.


The second session will be a discussion of winter flight operations and survival skills.  

Chris Cooper will speak from his personal experiences as a bush pilot flying airplanes and helicopters in Alaska.  


Mr. Cooper is the Owner/President of Hummingbird Aviation, and has flown over 10,000 hours in everything from a J-3 Cub to a Sikorsky Skycrane. Chris is a certified flight instructor in airplanes, floatplanes, gliders and helicopters.


Whether you’re a helicopter novice or a seasoned veteran, you won’t want to miss these enlightening presentations. The cost for the seminar is $40.00 per person, and includes handout materials and refreshments throughout the morning.    


Call Hummingbird Aviation at (952) 942-4911 today to reserve your space.


Space is limited, so sign up early! We are located at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie - enter at Gate D off of Pioneer Trail


Hope to see some of you there!



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