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Air Space

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My flight instructor is Bavarian and has a terribly thick accent.  On more than one occasion, he has become completely non-understandable.  Is it possible for a kind soul to explain airspace rules and regs?  I'm having a tough time.
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Thank you muchly, Finn.  You are absolutely correct.  I'm still early on in training (20 hrs, robbie) so we haven't come back to the big picture of airspaces quite yet so the lack of knowledge hasn't quite bitten me, but I know it will.  


I'd like to be prepared next time I come in for ground and I'd love it if yall could give me a few starter tips.  I'm convinced that I could sort out much of it on my own, as I have for two months before I started training, but I do need a bit of advice now and then.  Any pointers?

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:P I have to agree and disagree. Yes you are paying for the instruction, but do not have him repeat it until you understand. It just costs you more for him to practice english. The FARS require an instructor to speak English fluently, obviously someone let him get through. Ask for another instructor, there is nothing cruel or unfeeling to ask to get what you are paying for.
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