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Hiller 12B/C


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For those of you who have old Hiller experience:

A local land developer owns an OLD hiller and has approached me to help him with his private add-on in it.

Ive over 1500hrs R22 time from years ago, and nearly 4000hrs AS 350 time since (roughly 300hrs/yr over the past several years and am currently flying). I have NO Hiller or B47 time.


Thoughts on time to get acquainted with this aircraft to offer him instruction or walk away? So far the concensus is 'Walk away' due to the VERY different flight characteristics of this aircraft.



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Don't walk away from it, the Hiller 12 D/C is an easy aircraft to fly, there is just two time life parts on the whole aircraft. The only thing you are going to need to do is to get 5 hours PIC in it before you can instruct in it. Once you get use to the throttle, it will be a snap. Go for it, or pass along my name, I got over 600 hours in Bell 47 alone and would be happy to help this fellow out. It could lead to other things. You go and do this fellow a favor and get him his private add on. You are going to love flying the Hiller. I got to fly one last winter. They are a blast to fly. Way back when there was a whole generation of helicopters pilots that learned to fly in those. You are a lucky dog you just don't know it yet.

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I still instruct in the Hiller 12B/C. It's a great machine to fly, but very different to fly then a R-22. Try to find someone who can give you a bit of transition training, you will need it. My experience with R-22 guys is they have an awfull lot of trouble with the throttle (no governor) another thing is the Hiller is about 1700 lbs empty so almost twice as heavy as a R-22. But when you know how to fly it, it's a lot of fun, full-down autos is a breeze.


If you want to know more you can always email/pm me.

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Just a late note.

The Hiller 12D/Es are very different machines from the B/Cs. D/Es share the same basic airframe. I think there might be a typo above in a post. D/Es have alot of limited life parts unlike the earlier versions. Also they require some check out time with an experienced hiller pilot. Don't try to fly one without it. (I know you wouldn't)



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