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What is Zula time?

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Just going through some weather material I've found and it keeps talking about Zulu time. What is this? Is this to do with different time zones across the US?




Just found out that it means UTC (formerly GMT)



Well, I never miss an opportunity...even when on holiday.


But why ZULU?



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Why back when all the time zones had a letter of the Alphabet to Identify it. I happend that Greenwich, was in the Z zone. Being that was were the Time and measures were. When they decided that they needed a way to keep time while travel by Air, they used Greenwich Zone, so time was corrected to the time in Greewich, So it became Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Zulu. Since well at the time the British Empire hand a saying that the sun never set on the Empire. Since about the middle 1980's the Time and Measures moved to France for some reason and became Unervercia Time Coordinated ( Give to the French to come up with that) But its still GMT or Zulu and amost everybody calls it Zulu. Type in GMT and Zulu time into your Google engine and you will find the whole story and history of this. It goes back to the 1600's, and the need for a way to have an accurate way of telling time at sea, so that you could navagate better. We take it for granted that any watch for 6 bucks would keep time way better than some of the huge cocks thay had back then.

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They must've been talented if they could use their c***s to keep time!


Gmsmel's answer is correct, and I add some more for interest.


Although, I can't ever remember GMT moving to France in the mid 1980's!! Think you meant 1880s! What happened actually was the Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM) was set up in France then.


In the beginning various countries established their own Prime Meridian's from which their cartographers could start making maps and referencing their clocks for ships. However, the Prime Meridian in London was voted in 1884 to be the world's reference meridian, and was indeed the reference for the development of WGS84


UTC was adopted in 1972 to replace GMT. UTC is based on atomic time keeping devices, whereas, the old GMT was based on earth rotation and celestial measurements.


UTC is a mish-mash based on the grammatically English phrase "Coordinated Universal Time" which would have yielded CUT, and the grammatically French phrase, "Temps universel coordonné", which gives TUC. The middle line was taken ending up in 'Universal Time - Cooridnated'.



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