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Career Change and Age?????


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Professionals and Students:


I just turned 47, and I am thinking about changing careers. I have been an engineer 15 years and I would like a career as a helicopter pilot. I have no health or family issues to hold me back. I have read many posts and would value your opinion/knowledge of this issue. I want to know the true reality of the situation, please be blunt. From what I have read, I understand that salaries are low for approximately the first 3 years of a new career, and I accept that. I am concerned that my age will hurt my chances of being hired. If I pursued this change, I would fly full time to complete my training. Again, from my research, I figure it will take approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years to complete the training. Another concern of mine is that this industry is cyclical, and the time I would complete the training and get some experience, the industry could be in a downturn. Has anyone pursued this path at this age? Is it worth it (risk vs. reward)?


Again, just tell me the way it really is. Please add anything else that could give me help with my decision. Thank you for your input, I appreciate it.

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Did it at 30 with a wife and young child. Exaclty two years from zero to the day I passed my 135 check ride and went to work in the gulf. One year of no money - Have been able to support my family and pay the bills the whole way between working as CFI and some side work up until now on a salary. Entirely worht the escape from the city and the pointless chase for the dollars in the computer world.

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