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Avgas Shortage


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Hey guys,

As a matter of interest in South Africa there is a major Avgas shortage and fuel has been rationed(there goes all the R22/44 etc operations).

In Cape Town some flight schools have not been operational in some cases for up to a month!!!!!!


You can appreciate that there are a lot of companies really feeling excessive financial crunch with a lot of anger because of the situation!!!!!!!! :angry: Apparently the situation will also get worse!!


I would not be surprised if they close down! :(


My immediate response, was that it is because we live in Africa, but I've have now been informed that there is in fact only 4/5 Avgas refineries in the world! (whether this is true or not I don't know)


In South Africa legislation prohibits the use of any leaded fuel so we cannot get fuel from refineries that only produce leaded Avgas :unsure:


Can someone please tell me what the the situation is globally and if there are similar problems being experienced elswhere.

Please also let me know which country you are from just as a matter of interest?


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