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Lama pitfalls?


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Down the road goal, bigger better and all that. Working in a small business in the mountains with a soloy 47. Most local contracts wanting bigger birds, lama's seem to be getting cheaper. (I'm sure there are reasons) Anyone feel up to giving a lesson. Thanks
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Flew Lamas two winters slinging fertilizer and became my favorite helicopter. We run four Lamas and had a mech staying with each one. If you keep up on the little things everyday the Lama will treat you right. A start-card, reverse current relay, and micro-pump will keep a Lama in the air. Do not go in the field without a mech along. They are a tough bird that is very pilot friendly, but the maintance is the big thing. We leased ours from Roberts and they will overnight counter-counter you any parts you need. Always thought they would be perfect for a pilot-mechanic because of the maintance. E-Mail me if you want more info gleggl@stellarnet.com   Jesse
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