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Cheers people,


Have you ever heard this word associated with aviation?


I just ran off a fuel truck driver (fire contract) when I found out he'd lied to me. We were driving to catch up with the bird/crew, and he told me and the mechanic that he didn't have his drivers license with him, so he couldn't drive. Later on, I found out that he did have it and when I approached him about it, he LAUGHED and said, "Yea, I ALWAYS have it" - then he laughed again and said that he pulled this off regularly.


Well, it cost him his job.


I can't "fire " him, but what I can do is refuse him the authority to follow the a/c with the fuel truck. The "Truck Shop" went balistic, but it was within my authority and I stood with it.


Last year, I had another fuel truck "driver" run OVER a Bambi Bucket and not tell anyone that he'd done it. It failed on the next use - what a RIDE that was!!!


Are these "little things"? I don't think so - if a fuel truck driver tells me he took a fuel sample and shows me a jar - did he take it today - or did he take it weeks ago and just didn't throw it out?


Can I trust the mechanic? Can I trust the documents provided with the a/c?


"Integrity" - such a simple word!


My resume reads: "I will not lie: to you, for you, or about you - I expect the same in return." I've quit contracts over sh#t like this.,


People - keep a dime in a seperate pocket - and the next time some manager tell you that "pilots like you are a dime a dozen", flip it to him and tell him "Next dozen's on ME"


Genlte winds,


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B) Well Crash,maybe it is time to get away from your current employer before you find out more than you want to know about their integrity. I'm sure they employ the best people for the wage they offer,if you get my meaning. You are a good man,an excellent pilot and a man of integrity. There are plenty of other operators you can fly for with better equipment,staff and pay. It would seem to me you are loosing faith in your employer fast and that is a hard thing to recover from. Been there,done that with your current employer and haven't looked back since. :ph34r:
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I've never had a problem with people lying to me about stuff that matters, like whether the inspection was done properly, or whether the fuel was checked. But sometimes a lie is the correct response, and the world just wouldn't function without some lies. When your wife asks "Do these jeans make me look fat?" you have two choices - lie or see a divorce lawyer.


The important thing is to know the difference, and only lie about things you have to lie about. Things that can hurt other people are not things you have to lie about.

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