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JAR ATPL(H) in the US

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Good Question...I have done extensive research in this matter. I live here in the States and one day will be returning to the U.K. where i will have to do all the JAA exams.


From what i have found out so far is that there is no where that can offer the exams without going back to Europe. There are several companies in the U.K. that offer the distant learning courses which can be studied here but will still require a 2 week brush-up course and a few visits to the CAA office in the U.K. to sit the exams


There are three companies that offer any form of JAA training here in the USA

1. Helicopter Adventures

2. Orlando Flight Training

3. Naples Air centre


Helicopter Adventures do not offer any distant learning courses and even if they did it would still require a trip back to Europe to sit the exams. However they are approved to give the JAA practical training and checkride.


Orlando Flight trainig offers some form of training but is associated with a company in the U.K. called Cabair. I believe it will still require a trip to the U.K.

Check out: http://www.flyoft.com/helicopter_training.php


From what i believe the only company that is approved to proctor JAA ground exams is Naples air centre but I dont think they want to deal with any helicopter associated exams.

Check out: http://www.nacgroundschool.com/distance_learning.htm


More information can be found at: http://www.bestaviation.net/art_jaa_conversion.asp


I hope this helps...If anyone has more to add to this i would be interested.

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