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Eurocopter / Turbomeca - PArts Support

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Hello People,

I am working as a consultant with an approved parts vendor who specializes in Eurocopter / Turbomeca parts and components, and they asked me to compile a list of Eurocopter/Turbomeca parts vendors and maintenance/service providers on Asia-Pacific/Australia/New Zealand Area. The reason for this task is that this company is readying its capability to support AS350/AS350 models through vendor contacts and service providers. If your company or organization happens to be an approved vendor for Eurocopter/Turbomeca parts and components, and or   approved service center for EC/TM models, please contact us with your complete company details, contact person, contact number and email, and we are interested to work with you, as we have a huge inventory of parts that we can offer to your organization at price much lower than Eurocopter/Turbomeca. Our company is also buying/purchasing excess EC/TM parts and inventories which maybe needing inspection, overhaul and repair. Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon. Bernard Villanueva, Heil Craft Aero Industries. Mobile: +63-917-8373607 / Tel-Fax: +63-2-4588143 / Email: bong_dv@ispbonanza.com.ph


PS: Of course we can quote direct to the operators/owners too !

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