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Schweizer HMI


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Not sure if Schweizer sells the HMI on disc, i have never seen one. Not sure if you could legally reproduce the HMI to disc either. I wish Schweizer was like Bell tho, (if ya own the aircraft-ya get maintenance books & updates for free)


Do you want this for reference? OR are you working on a ship? Remember, you are required to have up to date copies of the manuals of the bird you are working on.


I'de recommend calling Debbi Anderson @ Schweizer & get a current HMI, you will get a year of free updates too, for your price of? (i think just the HMI is couple hundred dollars.)

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here's a link



the price list is in that link also.



Model 269C/300C Publications

HMI Complete, 269A thru C S/N S1808 M 39005182 $405.63

CSP-C-2, Approp. Supps. & Appendices,

Binder, 1 Year Revision Service

HMI Complete, 269C Only, S/N S1809 & UP M 39000140 $405.63

CSP-C-10, Appendix A thru D, Binder,

1 Year Revision Service

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