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Need Some Advice


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Hi I have been reading these forums for a month or two but just recently got an account.


A little background on me, I'm 17 and senior in HS and have been working on my private license (very slowly on part time wages :( ).


Anyway so guess what I want to do when I grow up... hehe


Now I guess I have been recently comparing my options and am quite confused on the best way into the industry. One, I could go get some community college hours and then apply for the Army WOFT. Or I could go to some college and get a degree then go after my ratings. (Ouch on my wallet!) I have also considered doing something with like UVSC and getting a degree that way. I guess my real question is, which of these options would help me the most overall? I have read the FAQs and I guess I am just looking for some input from anyone, also if anyone has been through the WOFT program or done the UVSC I sure would like to ask you some questions!


Thanks for your time!



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I was once where you are. And I have now been flying professionally for over 23 years. So I have some advice for you.




Your plan to go into the Army is a very good one. But if you cannot get in to the army flying program, you can still get the Army (or Navy, USMC, Air Force or Coast guard) to pay for your education.


If you enlist, you can end up getting tens of thousands of dollars for your education. You can apply that money to a college with an avation program such as MTSU or Emery Riddle.


(Check out the military educational benifits on any of the service web sights. A couple of years as a helicopter mechanic would't hurt either!)


You can go to a four year college and after you get your degree you can apply for officer training in any service and get into pilot training that way. If you want to fly helicopters, the Army, Navy, and USMC have thousands of them. Even the Air Force has a few helicpoters.


So, even if the Army turns you down for the WOF program, you could still become an army pilot after a four year college by applying for a commissioning program.


There is also ROTC in colleges.


My point is that you don't have to go heavly in debt to get your college education or your flying education. Get Uncle Sam to pay for it!


Keep up the part time flying that you are doing now. When I was 17 I paid for my flying lessons by working at Mc Donalds. It never hurt and it was lots of fun!


Who am I? I am a Wide body Capt. for a major airline. I have over 6000 hours total time. I was enlisted in the USAF for four years followed by eight years of being an officer and pilot.


I know it can be done if you WORK HARD and are physically able to fly.


I only recently got into helicopter flying. That is why I am now on this forum.


Oh, by the way helicopters are more fun! But fixed wing isn't bad either!


Let me know what you decide to do.


Tiger Mike

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