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How is it affecting you

Guest rookie101

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Guest rookie101

Hello to all.


Since I've started work on a motel I find myself with a lot of thinking time on my hands because it's a motel and whatever I am doing at that time (installing doorknobs for instance) is just repeated 33 times each floor :blink: . Since there is a shortage of experienced helicopter pilot's (or just helicopter pilot's in general) I got to wondering how this is effecting the veterans of the industry. So, how is it effecting you guys? Do you find it to more of a negative because operators are demanding more out of you than ever before or do you see a "light at the end of the tunnel," a chance to show your 'boss' how important you are to whatever company you work for. I know for the low time, first season pilot they probably think this is the greatest thing since the helicopter, I don't blame them and I sure hope it's around when I can get into that first turbine job :D :D.

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