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Almost ready to begin


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I'm very close to starting my flight training I can taste it. :) I've already passed my physical and now the proud holder of a Class 2 certification. I've pretty much decided on the school since there are only two in my area (San Antonio, TX) and I have ruled out one with the initials SSH. However, I'm taking a demo flight tomorrow with the other one just to be sure. They fly Robbies and I've only flown in Schweizers so this should be interesting. Can't wait to auto.


I'm starting to put together a flight bag for my training ie. books, training supplies and trying to decide on a headset. I was able to try the Bose X at a local factory store and love it. Are there any other headsets that come close to or exceed it in comfort, reliability, ANR? I've searched through these forums as well as read varying reviews but would still like to get more opinions especially from those of you training right now. Thx.



Sorry, this was suppose to go into the Flight Training forum.

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