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using fixed wing hours to cut training cost


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Whats up,

I am currently training to get to CFII and have just recieved my PPL (Rotorcraft). I have been advised by a very experienced high time pilot affiliated with my school to do some fixed wing training to cut my overal cost down with the idea that I would instruct for the school when im finished. After deciding to take this into seroius consideration I began to wonder how it would be possible to employ me as an instructor with only minimal amout of hours to get all the ratings. As I would apply fixed wing to the powered aircraft Requirement in the FAR which is something like 100 hrs. Sure I will probly end up with alot of ratings and have slightly more then 200hrs TT in the end but if im not mistaken most operators require 200hrs in just helicopters as the minumun requirement for instructor positions. Im really confused about this any info would be greatl appreciated by the pros out there.

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Doing an Instrument rating in an airplane , then doing a helicopter add on will save you a bunch of money. I was a rated airplane pilot when I made the transition to helicopters. Most of this 200 hour business has to do with Robinson. The funny thing about Insurance, is that its not really engraved in stone. You can get a rider for anything. When I was a young pilot I wanted to fly twin engine airplanes, well I didn't have the 500 hours in twins my employer wanted or said he needed because of insurance. I ask him one day with what I have in my logbook how much would it cost to get insurance. The airplane was a Piper Aztec, I had time in them, I just did my ATP in one. He told me, now get this, it would cost him an extra 25 dollars a month! I dam near fell off the chair, I told him I would write the check, I was short 175 or so hours, and he needed a pilot. Well I got the seat and he never did take that 25 dollars. Of course this was almost 35 years ago, so the costs maybe a bit more.

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