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Two weeks ago I'd have kicked my own ass for this..

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Currently I'm an 11B.


In the past I thought about dropping my warrant packet, but after passing the AFAST and moving halfway through the process I decided to quit. I should have just gone through with it.


Now that I'm past my ETS date I'm starting to wonder what I should do.


There's no way in hell I'm going to re-enlist for my current MOS. I'm wondering what my options are otherwise, though. I thought about getting out and doing civilian training to get certified to fly, but I've got to admit that my passion for helicopter flight was developed with military birds and I have the feeling that flying in anything else won't give me near the satisfaction.


Is it possible for an initial termer to ETS, then join the NG or ANG as a warrant officer? Or is it possible to ETS and then re-join with a warrant contract?


To be honest I really don't feel like talking to retention and having them sell me some B.S. story about re-upping as my current MOS and then dropping a warrant packet. I know it's possible to do but in my MOS the chain of command doesn't exactly work with you in attaining goals like this. I've already experienced fighting against the system once (Part of why I quit midway through the warrant packet process) and to be honest I don't like the idea of taking my chances at having to do 2 more tours in Iraq as an infantryman. (I'd like to be alive in 5 years, thank you)


What are my options as far as this is concerned? With re-enlistment out of the picture do I stand a chance at becoming a warrant in the NG or ANG? Or should I just suck it up and do it all civilian? Would my chances be better at becoming a warrant in the NG or ANG if I got my PPL as a civilian?


Thanks in advance for any answers. I know it's not exactly something you guys might be familiar with, but to me it's worth a shot.

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Hi, I just graduated flight school here at Ft. Rucker and believe me when I tell you that you can get out and apply for a guranteed slot as a civillan. That is how I got here. Just make sure you find a recruiter that is knowlegable about the process, most don't know a thing about it. If your young enough i would suggest taking your time and getting at least an associates preferably a bachelors degree before you go back in. It is so much easier to get school done outside of the Army and you will be glad you did.

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Oh yeah.. and all that hype about the search feature... it's true! I found some good info about the national guard through there. Now I'm kicking my own ass about not searching through that first! Ha ha.


The one thing I'm still not clear on is if you were in the Army before and you ETS, then attempt to get back in, do you have all the choices available to you that a non prior service would?

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