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Wanna be an EMS pilot?


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My company just started a new referral / nominator program that they’re really pushing, so here’s my version of the details (don't hold me to them though):


-Community-based Single Pilot VFR EMS provider.

-Most bases located in the Midwest / Central US, but stretching from the Texas to Iowa and from the Rockies to the Appalachians.

-2-3 week initial in-house training + factory training (including sim time.)

-Starting salaries range from the mid/high-40s to mid-50s depending on experience.

-Yearly step raises, bonus, & xmas present

-Shift+half for any shifts over 7 per 14-day pay period.

-Flight suits, hats, t-shirts, helmet, & crew coat provided.

-Minimum 2000 hrs total time, 1500 Helicopter, 1000 PIC Helicopter, 100 night unaided, Commercial/Instrument Heli, 2nd class Med.

-500 hrs turbine (airplane counts) and prior EMS experience preferred, of course. NVG time is a plus too.

-Typically a 7day/7off/7night/7off schedule, but varies by base.

-Part time / Contract positions available in some cases. Float positions available as well.

-Mileage & per diem paid for education, base meetings, workovers @ other bases, etc.

-Housing at the base or motel is provided for any pilot that lives more than a 1-hr drive from home.

-Full health insurance (4 different plans--all pay for your 2nd class med and include life insurance)

-Dental, Short term & long term disability, FSA, Supplemental life, etc insurance available.

-Payroll deduction available for job related items.

-Employee assistance fund available for emergencies

-7 sick days / 7 vacation days (w/ buyback) after first year

-And most importantly, the ability to work as a team player with your med-crews.

Because if you can't, you probably won’t even make it to the second day of training.


Did I miss anything? I’ll edit/add to this as questions come in.


If you meet the minimums, or are close to meeting them in the next several months, please PM me and we'll talk some more. And, no, you don't have to be a military pilot, I was an R22/R44 CFI w/ zero turbine time when I was hired (but that was over 2 years ago, so I don’t know how firm that 500 hr turbine req is now). Either way, it doesn't hurt to express interest. Who knows what they'll offer you! :blink:



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