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CFI as a job ????????????


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I understand how everyone is trying to build hours and starving while they do it . However , can you make a living as a full time CFI ? Garvey :(

work some where you can fly lots of hours, where the weather is good most of the time ie Florida, out west

do your home work

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I assume you are talking about in the good ol' USA. IMHO - If you are chief instructor at a big school, it could be OK I would think. Particularly at one of the big 141 outfits. If you own your own school you can do OK if you are in the right area and effectively manage and market yourself. I have seen a several schools big and small manage or mis-manage themselves into a corner they couldn't get out of financially.


BTW - I was a full time instructor... In FL... I couldn't make ends meet until I started adding part 91 pilot work for helicopter and turbojet owners to my services. That has more to do with the particular school I worked with.

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hmmmmm.....well the reason I was asking is due to the fear of the big flight school loan . I was trying to figure if it was possible to pay off the loan off by a non flying p/t job and a CFI job . The double edged sword seems to be you will make more $ in the p/t non fling job but build less hours and visa-versa . Why could I not have been a Vanderbilt.......my choice would only be what kind of caviar I wanted!!!!!!!!!


Garvey :blink:

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