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135 verses 91


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Since most people are training for jobs..............in the big picture , does it really matter what FAA option the school follows!? Also , does the part option add or subtract from the overall price of the school.........in a word ,is it more marketing!? AN hour is an hour is an hour isn't it !? Garve

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Yeah, hours are hours when it comes to employment. With that first CFI job, it might matter where you trained.


The main thing about 141 is the financing end of things. Since 141 is US Gov approved, you can get federal school loans, use your VA money, etc. That's about it.


I don't care for it because you need to follow a set plan/schedule. Everyone learns at a different rate and is better at some realms of flght than other. Part 91 is 100% adaptable to the student.

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Yeah, Part 41 is a canned curriculum, and theoretically, a person can attain a Pvt in 35 hours instead of the req 40 (Part 61)... Thanks fer the additional info D.. last time I was in the instructing game was.......... les-seee.....34 years ago.. C.R.S.


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