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Turbine Time

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Guest rookie101


I am new in this forum.


Can anyone help me where I can get some good and reasenable turbine time.

But not only straight and level flight or doing someone else work like traffic control.


I thinking more of real training low level flying, sling etc.




The real thing is going to cost you more, especially if it's turbine. There are two schools that I know of that have turbine helicopters and they use them for training and other various things. One is Marpat Avation (the advertisment in the upper right hand corner, neon green, can't miss it) and Van Nevel.


Van Nevel- http://www.fh1100.com/flightschool.html

discussion- http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/helicopterfor...1&hl=FH1100

Marpat- http://www.marpataviation.com/

discussion- http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/helicopterfor...8&hl=FH1100


As far as traffic control I really don't know what you mean by that. If it's reporting what is happening on the road and relaying that to a radio station they more than likely use fixed-wing for that (cheaper). To give you an idea of what real world training costs, a slingline package (10 hrs of helicopter rental and 10 hrs of dual instruction) for an R-22 (out in Oregon mind you) is going to cost you 2,470 big ones, but this is a package and each school is run differently so you probably won't see package deals, it's just an example. If you seek further comparison of these two schools use the search feature (type in the helicopter or name of the school in the search feature and you should get some more topics) Hope that helped.



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