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J-1 and the possibilities!?


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Well I don't have a percentage for you, but you might find some threads by searching on "visa", there has been some talk about the J1 lately.


It's not impossible to get jobs flying when you come in from abroad, I've seen a few, just don't count on it. It depends on your skill, attitude and being at the right place at the right time....yada yada yada....


I know, that doesn't tell you anything, but that's probably as much of an answer as you're going to get... B)

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How are the chances to get a CFI job with 200hrs and a J-1 Visa in the USA?

And is it possible to fly tours with a J-1 Visa in companies like temscoair ?


Regards and save landings!


It depends on your current status and who is your J1 Sponsor.

Are you already a CFI ? Are you on a J1 in the US or do you think to apply for one ?


If you are not a pilot and go through a J1 Pilot program sponsored by one of the two or three flight schools which have one your chances to get a CFI(I) job are pretty good.

The chance to get any other pilot job are really bad.


The basic Idea behind a J1 is education. Come to the US, go through the approved program sponsored by an approved provider and then go back home.


With a J1 your are not allowed to work in general. The only exception is a job in the profession your J1 is sponsored for and you need this work to become proficient in this job.


Your are not allowed to change the program while your are in the US. Means, you can´t come on a J1 which is sponsored by company A then leave this program and do something different. Even to change the flight school is not easy. You need a permission and it is a lot of paperwork.


Just to give you an idea:

I was on a J1 sponsored by a flight school for flight training. I applied for a part time dispatch job in that flight school and they wanted to hire me. But after reading through the J1 regulations we found out that working as a dispatcher is not covered through the J1.

Working as a pilot is the only job which is covered.


For all pilot jobs besides CFI it is a time frame question as well as a Visa question.


Lets assume you come to the US on a J1 which allows you to stay 2 years and you have zero hrs. flight time.

If you need 12 month for your CFII and the 200 hrs. , you have another 12 month to work as a CFII. If your flight school is busy you will be able to end up with 1000 + hrs after two years.

I know one guy who went back home with 1600 hrs after two years, but that is definitely not average.

The thing with commercial operators is that they won´t even except your application if you don´t have at least 1000 hrs flight time.

So even if you were allowed to do this kind of jobs, it is nearly impossible to apply for it.


Hope this helps


Have a nice day



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