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keratoconus with medical examination


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Is there any one has an experience with this kind of problem in the US or in Canada, I mean is it acceptable toward the medecal exams or no way. Any possible discussion or particulary attention with the medic?


Living in France in europe and wanted to follow an heli's commercial license in one of thoses country, but in my country I think there is no way to get the medical issue because aviation is like something rare or prehistoric. They dont accept Keratoconus for validing an entry license but they accpt it if you just want to prolong your medical issue (so if you are in)...

whereas my sight is 20/20 with contact lenses, I can't understand that in france they can't accapt it. I have see some US airforce experience about that where many pilots where able to continu flying with this keratoconus problems!


So sorry for my poor English and waiting for your eventually experiences or helps.



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