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From what I am hearing everything is still up in the air at the moment. MD have an AMOC submitted that the FAA does not seem to like. Meanwhile HTC are doing what they can to keep blades going out to AOGs.

This is a complete over-reaction by the FAA. They refused to consult with either MD or HTC to come to a mutual agreement on action to be taken. Typical of the LA office.


Have you contacted MD for more info?

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Any info (background or resolution) out there other than what is in the A/D itself?

What prompted the AD is a pitch horn snapped in half on a 500E. Last I heard there was no prior cracking in that area. It was an L.A. County Sheriff bird. They were flying in a straight and level flight and the horn snapped in half. The pilot, even with all the vibration and loss of tail authority, was able to do a running landing at a close airport with no damage to the bird other then what the tail rotor did from the vibration.


MD does not have a very good track record on "fixes" or "repairs" lately. I do not blame the FAA if they do not like the MD repair.

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