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Houston Helicopters


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So does anybody know what the deal is with the fleet of JetRangers/LongRangers for sale on Ebay? They have Houston Helicopters painted on them. Anybody konw anything about these ships? I think they are asking like around $620k for the LongRangers. Doesn't have any component times listed so who knows if that's a good deal or not. I think they are only L1's too. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

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Houston Helicopters isn't likely to buy any new equipment. And what it has may or may not have been maintained at all. The FAA pulled their 135 certificate, and the personal pilot certificate of Felton Baker, the owner, a few years ago over maintenance issues. They weren't logging the flight time in the maintenance records, and were doing paper mainenance. They eventually got the 135 certificate back after Felton promised to never have anything to do with the company again. Much of its fleet was leased out to his brother-in-law who ran Industrial Helicopters. My company bought some of their S76s, which had been flying customers the day before our inspectors checked them out, and wouldn't even issue a ferry permit - they were trucked out. I wouldn't touch any of their equipment with a very, very long pole. Plan to spend the purchase price again, or close to that, to get them flyable. They're all very, very old, early 80s at the newest. Junk, junk, junk.

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As Gomer Pylot said, real junk and I mean real junk, I was dumb enough to spend a week there. I just walked away. Air Log is a good place to be. Never worked for them. But I have friends that have and do. If the helicopters for sale were in any kind of reasonable shape, he sure would not try to sell them on E-bay. They are looking for some sap with money and no brains.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

The low flight hour requirements caught my attention.

Would the new hires with low flight hours and no gulf experience be doing some of the

less demanding flying? Pipeline patrol, etc.?






"A book never flew a helicopter, candidate!!!" Some Old Crusty IP At Ft. Rucker,Al.

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