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1 Year Here


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I just realized that I joined this group of peers and mentors 1 year and 5 days ago. I had finally decided to pursue my dream that was put off way too long. I started by researching on the internet and came across this and some other sites.


I come to this site everyday (it is my start up page for my browser) and hit some others once in a while. But this became my home. Even though I do not post much, I do read alot. I appreciate all that contibute and take the time to answer questions and give their opinions with wisdom.


Great thanks should go to those that started and continue to make this venue available for all of us.


I am paying as I go and have 14 hours on the books. My plan is to step that up a little bit and get my PPL(H) before the end of 2007. Part of what keeps me going are the people here and listening to them and their trials and tribulations to realize that I am not alone.


I just wanted to say thanks.

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Congrats, how are you liking it so far?


I am close to my one year VR anniversary as well, and started my PPL a few weeks full time, not sure how much is on my log book but the first page is filling up slowly but surefly LOL! Its getting better everyday, except when I am off the controls for more than a day or two and then it seems I forget everything I learned! Auto's and navigation tomorrow, fun stuff hahaha

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