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I am 34 and a Native Alaskan who has wanted to be a helo pilot since I was watching the History Channel with my Dad, another Jarhead in a long long line of jarheads, watching close air support with the Cobras and P-47's and P-51's..


Up to now I have no real career experience that I feel I can build upon to retire, but more importantly love as I work. I have been an infantryman, security officer (meh) and a mill operator (isolated areas) for the past 16 years or so of my life. I have finally gotten enough finances to make the jump into a helo career. I will have to sell off just about everything I have, house/vehicle/time with kids (for a bit) to get this, but I would like to know what other career rotorheads think of this.


I am thinking of going Medivac or Wildland Firefighting as a final career post.


Furthermore what do you think is the quickest way to get to either of the career choices? What is the most viable way to get to either of the careers?


What other career choices may I be overlooking?


I am looking for both postive and negative aspects to this decision.


Thank everyone for reading this...

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Don't know about either of those jobs, as they may require extra experience, but generally you will get around 200 hours in the air after completing all your certifictions (that includes commercial instructor) Then you will fly for around another 800 as a flight instructor. Once you are at around 1000 hours there are some openings as a helicopter pilot and not just a helicopter instructor.

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