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Bell 222UT or 230

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company were i work has a Bell 222SP with RR Allison 250-C30g engines . It works with JET-A fuel. It has AFCS system, meteo radar, and so. And as from pilot perspective i can tell you only what our pilots said . They said is very good machine from their way of view , easy to fly and very comfortable. If you need more information or if you are interested in buying one of it just PM and i can give you more information.


Best regards.

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222. Excellent machine. Flies beautifully. Commercial failure for Bell due to early engine problems. It has a very low tail rotor. Most new pilots hit the stinger with every landing. Experienced pilots hit the stinger, too. If you see someone hovering very high, they probably have time in a 222.


230. Different machine because of engines and avionics. Early glass cockpit. Remarkable IFR machine. Has the same low tail rotor as the 222.


Very few 222's and 230's still flying. I'd like to have one as a personal machine, but not as a money-maker. Expensive to fly compared to more modern helicopters.


Best helicopter in turbulence I've flown.

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