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Alright heres my situation, I got accepted at Georgia Aviation and Technical College/Middle Georgia college in the fall for the helicopter diploma program. I need about 30-35k, I am 18 years old, no credit at all. (except a 900 limit credit card.) The college is accreditied.


What kind of loan from Sallie Mae should I apply for?





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None from SLM!!! You should apply for Federal Stafford or Plus loans, or ask about GRANTS (free money you don't pay back) and scholarships if you have absolutely nothing and no one backing you. Talk to your school's financial aid department, they should guide you in the right direction if you aren't sure where to start (FAFSA is a good place, everyone has to do that before you can get any government money anyway). Stay away from unsecured, private lenders like SLM since you qualify for WAY better federal opportunities!!

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You do qualify for federal opportunities, but unfortunately they will not be enough to cover your flying, infact they may not even cover the entire cost of your college. Also, I considered that school, but there was a guy here a while back ranting about how much he loved that school, then a few weeks later he was ranting about how horrible they were. Not anything I know personally, but I would look into it myself before you throw down 35k.

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