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Any good flight schools in Phx?


I trained at universal in Scottsdale a couple years ago. I thought they were good. They said that I would have all of my ratings in 6 months if I moved to Scottsdale. Well, 5 months later all of the $80,000 loan was gone. They said they were going to have to stop training me unless I got another loan. Not wanting to throw away what I already had, I took out another loan. By the time I received my cfi this loan was gone. They told me it would cost $7,500.00 to get my cfii. I declined. Of course for this school you need your cfii in order to work for them. So the 11 months that I spent with them was a total waste. Once they have all of the students money they put them on the back burner while collecting as much money as they can from them and leading them on. I wondered where they spent my money and what they did was charge extra for flight and ground. I went over each item on my statement and noticed numerous mistakes. I was charged ground by instructors that I never had. Us students were also told that there are no finiance charges or interest on the loan until you graduate uvsc. It actually starts from day one. Monthly payments are up to $900 a month now.


Good luck,



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Sorry for the late reply, I was at the Robbie course all last week.


I'm at Quantum, and agree that it's a great school. The numbers are a bit higher (hours and cost) than some other schools, but the instruction is top notch. I made a point of talking with other students at the safety course about their schools, specifically how they train etc etc, and I'm still quite happy with my choice.


The average student gets their CFI with about 210ish hours. Fly more and you could probably beat that. The average instructor works for about 10 months before getting their 1000.


Feel free to PM me with any questions, I've been a student there for just over a year now, and am working on my CFI now.

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