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Does anyone know of any schools in LV. I know there are some CFI's and some students on these boards that are based in LV. Am I assuming correctly if I say they all work or train at SSH?


I need to find a good school. While, I feel SSH is a good school, I would just like to know what all my options are.


I did a search and could only come up with First Flight Aviation as well as SSH. Can anyone confirm that these are the only two Heli Schools around here...?


Also, do I have the option of doing Ground School at a collage instead of the actual school itself? What would be a better option there?


Thanks for anything info in advance.

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Try Leading Edge Rotorcraft out of Boulder City just outside of Vegas. (702) 293-0422. They are the Robinson alternative to SSH in Vegas.


PM me if you want more info.

I beleive LER IS UP FOR SALE. THEY WANT 800K. I wonder who might buy them..0

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Go check out LER(Leading Edge Rotorcraft) in Boulder City. The School will give you quality training and will accomidate you. I did training from them and CFI work. I became good friends with the owner and other CFI'S and as for them selling, they won't. They have a all turbine school joining up with them by the end of the summer to provided all turbine training for pennies more than piston time. Go talk to them.


PM me for more info.

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